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Unshaped Coal activated carbon
Unshaped Coal activated carbon
Coal is not shaped activated carbon (black grains, 25 kg / bag)
      This product use high-quality coal as raw material, it takes 3 steps (carbonization, activation, smashing) to make. It has a high adsorption capacity and can be widely used in gas, liquid-phase adsorption, especially in the water purification and sewage treatment in cities; it can be used to load filter and purifier, and gas masks.
项  目 Subject
指  标 Index
粒  度 Coarseness    (mesh)
碘吸附值 Iodine Absorb  (mg/g)
强  度 Hardness  (%)
水  份 Moisture  (%)
灰  份 Ash  (%)
装填密度 Loading Density  (g/l)
四氯化碳 CTC  (%)

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