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Quartz sand,manganese sand,Resin

Quartz sand,manganese sand,Resin
Quartz sand

      The main minerals are quartz sand is SiO2, milky white color, hardness 7, the packing density is 1.7 tons / cubic meter, chemical, thermal and mechanical properties have obvious anisotropy, does not dissolve in acid, melting point 1750 ℃, the size range :0.5-1mm ,1-2mm ,2-3mm ,3-5mm ,5-7mm.


Quartz sand,manganese sand,Resin
Manganese Sand

      Manganese sand filter is a high quality natural manganese ore processed, the appearance of brown is a strong oxidant, capable of water from the oxidation of divalent iron, commonly used in drinking water, removing iron, manganese filters, ground water and water purification using iron and manganese, MnO2 :35-46%, density: 3.6 tonnes / cubic meter.

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