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Solvent Recovery Activated Carbon

Solvent Recovery Activated Carbon
Desulfurization, solvent recovery series activated carbon
Mixing three kinds of raw materials including high-quality lignite, wood charcoal and furfural residue, add a certain percentage of adhesive and co-catalyst, after screening, batching, grinding, molding dry carbonation, and activation process until it is made. It has good performance with high activity, large gaps, sulfur capacity, desulphurization efficiency, good mechanical strength, gas resistance, easy regeneration and so on. It has excellent effect in removing hydrogen sulphide for gas, coke oven gas, natural gas, carbon dioxide and transform gas. It also has high absorbability for majority organic vapor and solute molecules in wide concentration range. It can be used in the field of gas adsorption such as toluene, ether, ethanol, acetone, gasoline, trichloropropane and carbon tetrachloride etc., and organic solvent recovery as well.
项  目 Subject
指  标 Index
直 径 (mm)
碘吸附值 (mg/g)
强  度 (%)
水  份 (%)
灰  份 (%)
装填密度 (g/l)
四氯化碳 (%)
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