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Air purifier activated carbon

Air purifier activated carbon
Air purifier activated carbon

      Using high-quality coal as raw material, it has high mechanical strength, pressure resistance, wear resistance, anti-high temperature performance, the strong micro porous structure, adsorption ability and high efficiency purification. While used in fixed bed, it is flow resistant and can be regenerated and repeatedly used. It is mainly used for purifying the air of impurities and pollutants, such as antibiotics used to filter the air, as well as industrial gas separation and purification of carbon dioxide gas, hydrogen purification, low boiling point of the adsorption material recovery, such as oil deodorization etc. 

项  目 Subject
指  标 Index
直    径 (mm)
碘吸附值 (mg/g)
强  度 (%)
水  份 (%)
灰  份 (%)
装填密度 (g/l)
四氯化碳 (%)
Air purifier activated carbon

The product is made of high quality coal, has strong adhesive force. The effective absorption of space, the odor (such as home decoration paint odor, car odor, refrigerator odor, etc), use directly place the product in space can be in addition to taste, such as: bedroom, living room, refrigerator, wardrobe, shoes cabinet, car, etc..

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