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    Guangzhou Hongsheng Charcoal Industry Co., Ltd. was established in May 24, 1999, to produce carbon-based operation. Maoming City Maonan Hongsheng's carbon plant with physical activation, chemical activation, and other advanced production and testing equipment, high quality stones, coconut shell, all kinds of raw materials such as wood and anthracite. With experienced technicians and production personnel in a professional process independently to produce three categories, more than 30 varieties of activated carbon, including: coconut shell charcoal, carbon, water, imported coal, carbon, electroplating, injection with charcoal, medicinal charcoal, sugar charcoal, food grade activated carbon, carbon reagents, precious metals extracted with carbon, infiltration of silver activated carbon, activated carbon desulfurization, etc. shell widely used in water treatment, electroplating, pharmaceutical, sugar refining, food, precious metals extraction, textile and other industries the bleaching, refining, deodorization, purification, to miscellaneous other, but also for wastewater treatment and air purification treatment.

"Sincere dedication, customer first" is our service principle;
"Quality first, customer oriented, continuous improvement" is our constant commitment.
  Hongsheng Charcoal Industry to ensure quality service and reasonable prices to be honest your favor
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    Coconut shell activated carbon    
Coconut shell act  
    Activated Carbon Water Treatment    
Activated Carbon  
    Air purifier activated carbon    
Air purifier acti  
    Unshaped Coal activated carbon    
Unshaped Coal act  
    Solvent Recovery Activated Carbon    
Solvent Recovery  
    Plating grade activated carbon    
Plating grade act  
    Food, medicine, sugar-level carbon    
Food, medicine, s  
    Quartz sand,manganese sand,Resin    
Quartz sand,manga  
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